Frequently Asked Questions & Useful Information

How does From Song To Skin work?

I interpret songs, and transform them into drawings and tattoos. I base these on the song itself and your personal storytelling relationship with the song, or both. Thanks to my Photism I create a design for each song with your ideas at the core. I’m always open to collaboration on the design.

Do I do tattoos other than From Song To Skin?

Yes, I always welcome interesting ideas to work on with you.

Rules I work by

I do not do tattoos on ribs or feet.

I do not give out my designs before your appointment, however I am open to changes and collaboration on the design at your appointment.

I only use vegan ink. 

I mainly work in black ink, however I am interested in doing small colourful details.

Before your appointment

Please make sure you get a good nights rest, and avoid consuming alcohol or using numbing cream.

Make sure you eat and drink before your appointment.

Unfortunately you cannot be on antibiotics or take aspirin before your appointment.

I recommend that you bring something comfy to wear. If you’re getting a tattoo on your leg, wear something easy to take off. 

It helps to moisturise the skin where the tattoo will be for a few days before your appointment.

After Care

Your tattoo will be covered in cling film. In order to look after the tattoo and ensure it heals properly I advise these steps. After 3-5 hours, take it off and gently wash it with water. Soap is not necessary.

After this, take a hot towel (clean, soaked with hot water) and put it on the tattoo for 10-20 seconds. Don’t rub it.

Moisturise with the cream provided or with coconut oil or coconut butter. Please don’t use Vaseline, Bepanthen etc.

Apply a thin layer of cream a few times a day for at least 2 weeks. Make sure your hands are clean and the tattoo is dry before moisturising. Use small amounts of cream, often.

The scab should peel within a week, so don’t scratch or pick it. It will be itchy and look funny.

You can shower but do not use hot water for a few days, take it easy with water – just give it a quick wash and keep it away from direct water so it doesn’t soak too much. No baths or swimming pools.

No sports (including the gym), saunas, solariums, and avoid direct sunlight until it heals. Avoid any sweating or stretching of the skin.

In future if you’re exposed to the sun for a long time always use sun cream.


You will be required to pay a deposit to book the appointment.

The deposit will be deducted from the final price.

If the deposit is not received the appointment won’t be confirmed.

You can cancel or reschedule(availability depending) your appointment with 10 days notice. In the case of cancellations later than 10 days before your appointment, the deposit will not be refunded.

I reserve the right to reschedule appointments with a months notice, in certain circumstances.