Specialising in an elegant and expressive fine line style of tattooing, Ally Ink uniquely designs each piece to realise the beauty and meaning behind every project.

Beginning her journey in Prague, the love of tattooing led Ally on a journey across Europe: Finding a home at the wonderful Vadersdye Hamburg, moving to London and South City Market studio, then onwards to her small private studio in Hackney.

Dedicating her work to an innate and eclectic love of music, Ally strives to bridge the two worlds of tattoo art and music through her project ‘From Song To Skin’.

Ally has recently started to work with bands and musicians, developing visual art for use in merchandise, artwork and many other capacities.

From Song To Skin

Music speaks to you. For you. There are songs which reflect your heart. Your mind. Your feelings and memories. Or they simply move you to dance.

I see it all. I see pictures within music. I connect stories and songs, and all the expressions and meanings behind them, with my drawings. I work with the songs that I love, and with the songs that my clients adore.

Through a condition called Photism, listening to music allows me to see colours and shapes. These visuals inspire my drawings and designs to reflect the story that each of my clients, or each song wants to tell.

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